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Benefit From Turbomachinery Expertise

Turbo Monitoring specializes in analysis of gas and steam turbines and auxiliary machines


Turbo Monitoring is an independent provider of diagnostics and damage investigation services for turbomachinery, helping to prevent failure, reduce repair costs, increase machine availability and determine any cause of damage.

The company concentrates on delivering solutions that benefit clients in the following four main areas:



  • We serve our clients with the best expertise in turbine analysis entirely focused on avoiding unnecessary damage, addressing operating problems quickly and determining the root cause of failures. Our priority is to help clients control their repair costs, improve their machine availability, and avoid problems re-occurring



  • We are an independent company delivering unbiased analysis results and recommendations. We provide our services without any conflict of interest;- we do not sell turbine equipment, we do not sell repair services and we do not sell insurance. We concentrate only on providing the best level of service and highest diagnostics accuracy possible, with our only interest being to support a long-term client relationship. Turbo Monitoring is unique in its independence. GE’s acquisition of Bently Nevada and Siemens’ acquisition of Vibrocam are just two examples of competitor suppliers losing their independence.



  • Turbo Monitoring’s customers benefit from our extensive experience of turbomachinery analysis. Our experts are highly trained engineers with decades of experience solving turbomachinery problems. This includes a variety of machine designs, different manufacturers and a large range of problems. This diversity of experience is a significant advantage for Turbo Monitoring in providing an insight into industry trends, knowledge of the different failure mechanisms and honing our problem-solving skills. To provide the best possible analysis results we also often combine our in-house expertise with our network of external consultants.

  • Our customers can also rely on a long-term, permanent relationship with Turbo Monitoring which exists beyond changes in customer personnel. This means Turbo Monitoring can preserve a customers machine history and continue to guarantee access to expertise even when customer staff are promoted or leave. This helps build a trusting relationship that can be maintained over a longer period of time.


  • Turbo monitoring allows customers to benefit from turbomachinery expertise but without the permanent cost and availability problems of finding and maintaining in-house personnel, or using expensive OEM contracts. This means we provide expert results at lower cost, at the same time as delivering a quick service and a long-term relationship. This is especially beneficial for small-medium operators for whom turbomachinery expertise would otherwise be too prohibitive.


Turbo Monitoring is a high-quality engineering services company focused on addressing customer needs and leveraging market technology at its best.


The company’s core business is damage investigations and vibration analysis for high-speed machinery. Our typical customers are machine operators, insurance companies, loss-adjusters, OEMs, and service companies. We do not sell any services which conflict with our core business (e.g. we do not sell equipment or machine overhauls) and we treat our customers with discretion. Our clients can rely on us to continue to offer our best services next year, the year after and well into the future.

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