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Inspection Services

Turbo Monitoring offers independent inspection services to support operators and third-parties to assess the condition of a machine and provide recommendations for repair and operation. This may be during a regular overhaul or during specific events such as an unscheduled shutdown or operational anomalies.

We are an independent company with extensive expertise in turbomachinery. As a result we use our expert experience to deliver unbiased analysis. This is particularly important in inspections, where there are often diverse parties involved with differing levels of technical expertise. Our role often includes mediating on technical issues between all stakeholders.

Typical Service Inspections

  • Overhauls

  • Unscheduled Shutdowns

  • Manufacturer Updates

  • Operational Anomalies

  • Insurance Surveys

  • Expert Witness

Our expert knowledge and good industry contacts also mean we have first-rate knowledge of machine trends within the turbomachinery industry. This means we can quickly determine if a machine is suffering from a known serial fault and we can quickly advise you of the best remedial action with regards to repairs and suppliers.

Furthermore, our services are especially useful to long-term customers where our constant expertise over a long period of time can balance out the effects of internal staff turnover or changes in technical knowledge. This is particularly useful for regular scheduled overhauls where a subjective comparision between subsequent overhauls and over time is very important.

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Gas Turbine Inspection

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Type of Risks

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