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 Types of Laboratory Analyses

  • Metallography

  • Electron Microscopy

  • Oil Analysis

  • Crack Testing

  • Corrosion

  • Fracture Analysis

  • Material Properties

  • Material Defects

  • Manufacturing Errors

  • Chemical Impurities

We particularly encourage long-term customers where our constant expertise over a long period of time can balance out the effects of internal staff turnover or changes in technical knowledge. This is particularly useful for operators and insurance companies.

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Blade Fracture Analysis

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Types of Failure Disputes

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Laboratory Services


To support our investigation services Turbo Monitoring conducts laboratory analyses to assess the material condition of critical turbine components and determine individual components' cause of failure. We use our extensive knowledge of turbomachinery design and failure to select the correct components and analyse their material properties and signs of abnormalities.

We use the results from our laboratory analyses as further input to the root cause analysis, taking as usual the machine configuration, investigation findings and the operational history into account. Using this data together enables us to provide an accurate result for the cause of failure and recommendations for repair and further operation.

Our expert knowledge and good industry contacts also means we can bring additional experts to the table for a broader assessment of the failure, for example metallography, tribology, finite-element analyses and experts for aggregate machinery. This means we can help the customer with even more accurate advice and analysis.

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