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Benefit From Turbomachinery Expertise

Turbo Monitoring specializes in analysis of gas and steam turbines and auxiliary machines

Welcome to Turbo Monitoring

Providing independent exerptise for diagnostics and damage investigations of turbomachinery

Turbo Monitoring

Turbo Monitoring is a leading provider of independent machine diagnostics services for turbomachinery operators, insurers and manufacturers. Our expert services help customers solve their turbomachinery problems by providing technical analysis and recommendations. This enables a quick repair to increase availability and avoid re-occurence of the problem in future.

Our focus is in the area of turbomachinery, leveraging the company's expertise to help operators control the risks of these high-value and critical machines: steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro-electric plant, and other fast-rotating machinery.


Our core capability is our failure investigation service which analyses any damage to determine the exact failure mechanism and reports the results and recommendations to the customer. This helps the customer establish the responsibility for the failure, reduce repair and downtime costs, and avoid re-occurence of the problem.


We also offer regular inspection services to support operators during overhauls and acceptance testing with our expertise. This provides an independent assessment of the machine condition and recommendations for maintenance and repair.


In addition Turbo Monitoring also provides vibration diagnostics for operating machinery, this includes solving vibration problems during operation, making regular machine condition checks according to ISO standards and providing maintenance recommendations.


The company uses a team of expert diagnostic engineers and specialized laboratories with extenisve experience of trubomachinery analysis across different industries and all major manufacturers, serving customers worldwide .

Industries We Serve

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