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Machine Types

  • Steam Turbines

  • Hydro-Electric Machines

  • Gearboxes

  • Turbine Feedwater Pumps

  • Gas Turbines

  • Compressors

  • Wind Turbines

  • Large Electrical Motors

Our expert knowledge and good industry contacts also means we can bring additional experts to the table for a broader assessment of the proceedings, for example metallography, tribology, finite-element analyses. This means we can help the customer with even more accurate advice and analysis.

Furthermore, we particularly encourage long-term customers where our constant expertise over a long period of time can balance out the effects of internal staff turnover or changes in technical knowledge. This is particularly useful for insurance companies.

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Types of Failure Disputes

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Shaft Fracture

For more information or to start an initial consultation contact us now.

Turbo Monitoring supports insurance and industrial customers during legal proceedings by providing expert witnesses for turbomachinery-related cases. Our engineers provide the necessary expertise and an independent viewpoint which helps untangle the difficult technical issues often associated with disputes over turbines and fast-rotating machinery.


We provide both technical opinions during the preparation of the claim or defense, as well as representing the customer during mediation and court proceedings.

Our experts explain complex technical issues in a simple and understandable language that can be understood by the customer and their legal counter-parties. We also liase with third-party technical experts to classify areas of technical agreement and disagreement in order to progress the legal proceedings.

Turbines are complex and critical machines;- they require specific technical knowledge and experience. The advantage of Turbo Monitoring is that we can provide this expert knowledge;- we use the experience gained from our detailed failure investigations, with multiple industrial applications and from different manufacturers, to support our customers during legal proceedings.


Expert Witness

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