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Vibration Measurements

Turbo Monitoring is an independent company specialiazed in vibration and damage analyses of turbomachinery such as gas turbines, steam turbines, and other fast-rotating machinery.


Turbo Monitoring's vibration measurement services provide an independent assessment of a machine's condition according to our extensive experience of vibration diagnostics and investigating operating problems on turbomachinery. Our assessments use vibration data collected with our own diagnostics equipment, take into account the historical vibration data of the machine and classify the machine condition according to international standards such as ISO 10816 and ISO 7919.


Within our assessments we diagnose any operating problems, provide recommendations on countermeasures and document the machine condition for future reference.

Typical Operating Problems

  • Unbalance

  • Rubbing

  • Bearing Looseness

  • Foundation Changes

  • Misalignment

  • Shaft Cracks

  • Blade Fractures

  • Resonance


We specialize in providing accurate and reliable assessments, helping you identify damage early and avoid unnecessary shutdowns and thus reducing your damage + maintenance costs and increasing your machine availability.

We are independent from all OEM's including turbine manufacturers and monitoring equipment suppliers. This means we have no confict of interest in our assessment results; we have no interest in over-interpreting results to obtain overhaul contracts, replace your turbine, or sell vibration analysis equipment.

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Catastrophic failure can be prevented by vibration analysis

The exact nature of the regular measurements depends on the equipment configuration available onsite and customer wishes, but typically involves Turbo Monitoring installing our measurement equipment for the duration of a one or two day measurement. An immediate assessment is made available directly at the time of the measurement, and the full assessment provided later includes our recommendations, an officially confirmed classification of the vibration level and full documentation.

Where necessary we also offer our vibration measurements as an alternative to our continuous monitoring contracts, whereby detailed measurements are conducted on regular basis e.g. monthly or yearly. We then use comparisons between the measurements to determine any long-term trends and diagnose any developing faults. We can also guarantee the availability of expert diagnostic support in the case of operating problems or general enquiries, thus providing the benefits of regular measurement and diagnostics with the guaranteed availability of emergency support when needed.

Key highlights of our vibration measurement service include:

  • Diagnose operating problems

  • Recommendations for countermeasures

  • Evaluation according to standards e.g. ISO 7919 & 10816

  • Identify damage early

  • Full diagnostics reports

  • Trend monitoring over historic measurements

  • Reports available online anywhere in the world via web portal

  • Access to our diagnostics engineers for enquiries

  • Configuration of operator measurement equipment

  • Onsite diagnostics during emergencies

Our assessments provide a very valuable health-check on the machine at specific points in time and detailed diagnostics on any operating problems, helping to avoid damage and plan maintenance.

We are experienced in serving customers worldwide and welcome enquires from all turbomachinery operators, manufacturers or insurers.

For more information or to start an initial consultation contact us now.

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