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Providing independent and reliable condition monitoring services for turbomachinery operators

Turbine RotorTurbo Monitoring is a leading provider of independent turbine vibration condition monitoring and machinery diagnostics services for turbomachinery operators. Our vibration analysis and damage investigation services allow operators to reduce repairs costs and increase their machine availability by identifying damage early and avoiding unnecessary shutdowns.


Our focus is in the area of turbomachinery, leveraging the company's expertise to help operators control the risks of these high-value and critical machines: steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro-electric plant, and other fast-rotating machinery.

At the core of the Turbo Monitoring services is a condition monitoring service that assumes the responsibility to monitor the machine’s vibration condition and automatically investigate any operating problems without any intervention by the operator.

In addition Turbo Monitoring provides ad-hoc vibration measurements and machinery diagnostics for short-term operating problems, such as damage investigations, overhaul acceptance testing, sudden amplitude changes and regular machine condition checks according to ISO standards.

The company uses a team of expert diagnostic engineers to assess the machine condition on a daily basis and recommend remedial action. Turbo Monitoring’s experts are all experienced diagnostics engineers with many years experience in gas and steam turbine vibration analysis.


The company works with either pre-existing vibration monitoring equipment or installs and configures new equipment for hire or purchase by the operator.



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