Measurement Equipment

Vibration diagnostic measurement equipment is at the heart of machinery diagnostics and constitutes one of the most important components of a condition monitoring strategy. In combination with the right expertise and diligent application condition monitoring equipment is an important enabler in helping reduce repair costs and increase machine availability. In our experience, when applied diligently, practically every investment in condition monitoring equipment has paid for itself within a few years thanks to machine availability and damage resolution benefits.

In recent years condition monitoring technology has advanced significantly thanks to the introduction of mass production for the wind turbine industry, advances in computing power and further development of analysis software. New entrants have also opened the market and introduced price competition and driven standards higher.

As an example of condition monitoring importance Allianz insurance has

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“Allianz’s Specifications for
Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring”

introduced quasi- compulsory condition monitoring equipment in wind turbine insurance policies, with Allianz even publishing its own specifications for the monitoring equipment itself.

An investment in condition monitoring equipment is therefore both an important commercial and technical investment that requires careful selection and diligent application. Turbo Monitoring supports its clients in both areas, providing independent advice on the selection and installation

of condition monitoring equipment and as well as working with the operator to ensure the correct application of the technology. We have experience of working with all the major equipment suppliers and can advise clients on each of their merits and probable return on investment.

Key highlights of our condition monitoring equipment service include:
  • Independent advice on equipment selection
  • Advice on sensor layout and selection
  • Rental or financing for selected equipment
  • Installation of equipment
  • Configuration of equipment including alarms
  • Alarm configuration and boundaries
  • Expert application support

In selected cases, and usually in combination with a monitoring service contract, Turbo Monitoring can offer rental or hire purchase financing on some monitoring equipment installations.

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