Continuous Condition Monitoring

If you are responsible for the maintenance or operation of industrial rotating machinery, you know that catastrophic failure of a critical machine can cause serious injury or death, result in the total loss of the machine, shut down the plant for an extended period and be a risk to the company's image and credibility.

For these reasons, it is not acceptable to wait until a machine fails before taking remedial action. Operators need proactively to protect their machinery and business from disruption. Turbo Monitoring's vibration monitoring services help operators to protect their machinery and business from disruption by continuously checking for machine errors.

Typical Operating Problems:

  • Unbalance
  • Rubbing
  • Bearing Looseness
  • Foundation Changes
  • Misalignment
  • Shaft Cracks
  • Blade Fractures
  • Electro-Static Discharge

Similarly, after an operating problem or damage occurs it is essential to react quickly and efficiently to diagnose the problem and take remedial action. Turbo Monitoring offers guaranteed fast support and analysis to enable operators to deal with unexpected operating problems quickly and effectively.

We use our expertise in turbomachinery diagnostics to deliver an independent and reliable monitoring service which helps our clients reduce their maintenance costs and increase their machine availability.

Key highlights of our continuous monitoring service include:
  • Daily monitoring of machine vibration condition
  • Automatic investigation of anomalies with 4 hours
  • Email alarming for advanced vibration alerts
  • Monthly analysis reports
  • Long-term trending
  • Evaluation according to standards e.g. ISO
  • Reports available online via web portal
  • Client access to live diagnostic measurements
  • Unlimited client enquiries to diagnostics engineers
  • Mobile access to live analysis results
  • Full configuration of measurement equipment
  • Guaranteed availability of onsite diagnostics during emergencies
  • Optional diagnostics training for selected operator staff
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The start-up screen for
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Our service contracts are flexible to suit your needs and expectations. The greatest benefit in maintenance costs and machine availability are obtained with long-term monitoring, however short-term monitoring from one month onwards is also readily available.

As part of the service contract we assume responsibility for configuring and monitoring existing measurement equipment or installing new equipment as required. In the case of new equipment installations we help select and finance the new equipment and arrange the installation as part of the service contract.

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