Turbo Monitoring is an independent provider of vibration condition monitoring and vibration diagnostics services to turbo machinery operators, helping them reduce their maintenance costs and increase their machine availability.

The company concentrates on delivering solutions that benefit clients in the following four main areas:

Delivering maintenance costs reductions and increased availability

Turbo Monitoring’s absolute priority is to help clients achieve real savings in their repair costs and machine availability. We serve our clients with the best expertise in vibration diagnostics entirely focused on avoiding unnecessary damage and addressing operating problems quickly and effectively.


We are an independent company delivering unbiased diagnosis results and recommendations. Turbo Monitoring has no interest in selling new turbines, overhauling existing machinery or disputing insurance claims. We concentrate only on providing the best level of service and highest diagnostics accuracy possible, with our only interest being to support a long-term client relationship. Turbo Monitoring is unique in its independence. GE’s acquisition of Bently Nevada and Siemens’ acquisition of Vibrocam are just two examples of competitor suppliers losing their independence.

Fast and guaranteed access to expert advice

Finding expert machinery diagnostics support during an urgent operating problem can be time-consuming and unreliable; machinery diagnostics engineers can be rare and turbine-monitoring equipment is not always available when you need it.

Turbo Monitoring solves this by maintaining an in-house expertise and configuring onsite monitoring equipment with remote access technology and alarming. Our monitoring contracts provide an engineering and equipment support guarantee to clients and we promise first analysis results within 24 hours of a problem arising. This represents at least two days less uncertainty and shutdown compared to normal diagnostics investigations.

Economies of Scale

Turbo Monitoring’s focus on condition monitoring brings economies of scale savings to small-medium scale operators for whom in-house diagnostics experts or regular external investigations can beprohibitive. Turbo Monitoring’s monitoring contracts allow for savings compared to the average cost of contracting individual investigations during operating problems, at the same time as delivering a higher level of service.

Turbo Monitoring is a high-quality engineering services company focused on addressing customer needs and leveraging market technology at its best.

The company’s core business is vibration monitoring for high-speed machinery. We don’t sell our services to support any other company activity (e.g. measurement equipment sales) and our clients can rely on us to continue to offer our best services next year, the year after and well into the future.

Continuous Condition Monitoring

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Damage Investigations

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Measurement Equipment

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