Auxiliary Plant Monitoring

Auxiliary plant machinery is no less prone to failure and is equally suitable to benefit from machinery diagnostics as larger machines. Due to their lower criticality and easier maintenance however these machines are often best served by a lower-intensity monitoring regime with a higher degree of automation.

Typical auxiliary plant machinery suitable for vibration monitoring include:

  • Feedwater Pumps
  • Cooling Fans
  • Electrical Motors
  • Small Industrial Steam Turbines
  • Steam Expanders
  • Compressors
  • Steam-Driven Pumps
  • Small Gearboxes


Turbo Monitoring offers solutions for cost-effective monitoring of auxiliary machinery either with customized equipment installations and remote diagnostics or with individual measurements. Both solutions offer online report viewing and guaranteed availability of diagnostics expertise.

Our monitoring regimes can enable damages to be predicted which therefore allows for maintenance planning in advance. The monitoring also allows new fault detection, machine degradation assessment and recommendations to remediate operating problems.

As with all our services we use our expertise in turbomachinery diagnostics to deliver independent and reliable services which helps our clients reduce their maintenance costs and increase their machine availability.

We have significant experience in serving clients involved in the acquisition and operation of turbomachinery and offer our support on a case-by-case basis.

Key highlights of our auxiliary monitoring solutions include:
  • Fault monitoring and damage prediction
  • Regular evaluation according to standards e.g. ISO
  • Regular diagnostics reports
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple auxiliary machines
  • Mobile access to live analysis results
  • Long-term trend analyses
  • Unlimited client enquiries to diagnostics engineers
  • Reports available online anywhere in the world via web portal
  • Optional guaranteed availability of onsite diagnostics during emergencies
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Our service contracts are flexible to suit your needs and expectations, and in the case of new equipment installations we can help with equipment financing as part of the service contract.

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