Acceptance Testing

Turbomachinery is among the most capital-intensive and operation-critical equipment in the world. It’s therefore easy to understand that an operators most important concern when acquiring or maintaining this equipment is to ensure quality control and safety from their new equipment and their suppliers. Whether this means that individual design specifications and standards are met or that the complete machine is commissioned safely and according to contract, operators face a diverse ranges of quality-control and safety issues which are often outside their own usual expertise.

Turbo Monitoring offers support to operators and manufacturers during this process with their expert advice on quality and safety issues and independent verification of inspection or measurement results.

We have significant experience in serving clients involved in the acquisition and operation of turbomachinery and offer our support on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of typical areas where we offer our technical support and measurement services include:
  • New Commissioning Measurements
  • Overhaul / Repairs – e.g. Before and After Measurements
  • Overspeed Testing
  • Component Balancing
  • Design Verification According to Standards – e.g. API 611/ 612
  • Rotordynamic Layout – e.g. Resonance separation margins

Acceptance testing is a wide-ranging field within machinery diagnostics and client requirements strongly depend on the specific circumstances. For more information and to discuss your specific needs please contact us here or call +31 70 80 80 900

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Example: Vibration Measurements Before and After Overhaul

Steam turbines require regular overhauls to maintain efficiency and guard against undetected machine wear. These overhauls can be a small scheduled servicing of the machine or they can be extensive and include large upgrades to entire sections of the turbine. Whatever the size or reason for the overhaul one thing must be guaranteed – when the machine restarts it must run smoothly.

Turbo Monitoring regularly conducts vibration diagnostics before and after overhauls to help with the repair planning and ensure quality-assurance after restarting. For example, a first measurement before the overhaul can determine which areas of the machine need to be re-aligned during the overhaul, which bearings may need particular attention and what the overall vibration signature of the machine is. This helps immensely with the repair planning i.e. which components to order ready in stock and predicting how much time the necessary repairs may require. Likewise, a second measurement after the overhaul can check on the quality of the repair work and assist in diagnosing any problems should a fault appear. For example, checking that new bearing sleeves are properly loaded, that new turbine sections are aligned and balanced correctly, and being able to trace and diagnosis new vibration amplitude changes.